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The Potato

On 20 th September 2017, the WAG team went to investigate reports that a young female dog had given birth to puppies on the street but was not able to feed them. The mama dog was incredibly malnourished and very scared of people, and she ran off at the first sight of us. Her puppies were five days old and in desperate need of attention; in fact, three had already died in the nest. We had heard from the local neighbourhood that children had been trying to take the puppies away, most likely to try to sell. But these puppies were far too young and would have died quickly without their mother’s warmth and milk.

We made the decision to take the puppies away immediately. We saved five and brought them to a WAG volunteer’s house. Sadly, after a week one puppy passed away, but the remaining four quickly gained strength. For two months, these puppies were bottle-fed on special puppy formula round the clock. They stole the hearts of their human mom and dad as well as the whole WAG team as they turned from squeaking ‘potatoes’ to recognizable puppies!

During this time, WAG were feeding the mom of the puppies and gaining her trust so we could eventually rescue her. Tragically however, she was hit by a car in her neighbourhood and we made the difficult choice to euthanize her after finding out her hip and hind legs were shattered. The four puppies: Paddy, Cersei, Atlas and Callie were going from strength to strength and they soon learned how to walk, then run, and before we all knew it they were playing in the garden and getting up to all kinds of mischief. After totally destroying an entire sofa, we decided that it was time these found loving families, but then another challenge came for Paddy and Cersei. Both became incredibly sick with a bacterial infection. For over a week, they fought for their lives under 24 hour supervision and IV fluids. Thankfully they slowly improved and were able to come home after a couple of weeks. It was then Paddy’s turn to find her forever home – and once she was fully recovered she flew all the way to Texas, US, to start her new life with her new family. Lastly, Cersei found her forever home – with the WAG volunteer who raised her from the very beginning!