Happy Tails For Abandoned Rwandan Dogs

Welcome to WAG! Our goal is to provide a safe place for abandoned/street puppies in Rwanda with nowhere else to go. Through the generous support of animal lovers in Rwanda and abroad, we provide food, love, veterinary care and help find these dogs loving homes. We also provide support to dog owners in Rwanda. We are 100% non-profit, and are simply a handful of passionate dog lovers trying to meet a serious need in Rwanda. Explore our website to learn more about us and find out how you can get involved wherever you are.

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What Do I Do If I See A Dog On The Street?

If you see a dog on the street, first check if the dog is wearing a collar, or looks healthy and is friendly. If so, it is very likely he or she has escaped and possibly got lost. Try asking around the neighbourhood you found the dog in, and take a picture and post on Kigali or expats forums on Facebook – try Expats in Rwanda, Living in Kigali and Kigali Pets. Reach out to WAG directly too as we might recognise the dog. If you are able to, get the dog into your compound or house to keep him or her safe until the owners can be found.

If the dog looks malnourished, sick or in general bad condition, it is likely that he or she is a street dog. If you are able to, get the dog somewhere safe, ideally in a room in your house or compound. Contact WAG and we will offer you support or try to find a foster home. However, if you cannot approach the dog, please do not do so. Street dogs can be unpredictable so do not put yourself or others at risk. If the dog appears dangerous, contact your local village or cell authorities. WAG are currently not able to deal with aggressive dogs.

What Do I Do If A Neighbour Or Someone I Know Is Abusing A Dog?

It is against Rwandan law to mistreat or abuse domestic animals under article 436 of Rwandan Law. If you know of someone who is mistreating a dog or cat, please contact the police and your local leaders.

Doggie Stories

George was found on the street with a very tight rope around his neck. He was being taunted by children and was extremely malnourished and dehydrated, as well as suffering from sarcoptic mange, a condition caused by mites which was making his skin very dry and itchy. Luckily for George, he was taken in by a dog lover and kept safe overnight until WAG volunteers could come and pick him up and take him to a foster home with a WAG volunteer. Right from his rescue, George was incredibly friendly and trusting, and he won the hearts of all of the WAG team, despite being one of the most malnourished dogs we had rescued. Read More

On 20 th September 2017, the WAG team went to investigate reports that a young female dog had given birth to puppies on the street but was not able to feed them. The mama dog was incredibly malnourished and very scared of people, and she ran off at the first sight of us. Her puppies were five days old and in desperate need of attention; in fact, three had already died in the nest. We had heard from the local neighbourhood that children had been trying to take the puppies away, most likely to try to sell. But these puppies were far too young and would have died quickly without their mother’s warmth and milk. Read More

Gracie was found by a WAG volunteer on the side of the road shaking in fear. She had a broken piece of rope embedded in her neck, sores all over her body and had obviously been starving for a while. When approached on the day of her rescue you could see her frail body trying to fade into the wall behind her to avoid being touched. However, when her rescuer looked into her eyes, she could see her spirit was not broken and decided to take Gracie home and give her a chance.

Thinking she would need quite a bit of training and emotional support to recover, WAG placed her in a special foster home. Read More

Support Us

Dog Food

Help us feed hungry bellies! Newly rescued dogs and young puppies are especially in need of nutritious food as they transform into healthy dogs ready to find homes. In Rwanda we ( and most dog owners) cook our own food and supplement with high quality kibble bought locally.

Vaccines, De-Worming and Tick/Flea Prevention

Street dogs often come in full of unwanted friends, namely ticks, fleas and worms. Help us vaccinate and keep our dogs parasite-free by contributing towards this expense which applies to every single dog in our care.


A huge inhibitor of potential Rwandan adopters is the cost of spaying and neutering (an adoption requirement). While this procedure is expensive, it is essential to reducing the population of strays. WAG spays and neuters all adult dogs in our care and sponsor the cost for quality adopters who can't finance it on their own.

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Adopt Don't Shop

Rescue is the best breed. Always choose to adopt a rescue dog rather than purchasing a dog- this saves lives as there are always dogs sitting in shelters waiting for homes. Encourage others to do the same!


Donate your time or skills. Help us fundraise. Or foster one of our rescues and help us socialize them until we find their fur-ever home. Contact us to learn more about current opportunities. A 3 month minimum commitment is required.

Become A Monthly Sponsor

Reoccurring donations ( of any amount) are especially valuable because they are a reliable source of income we know we can count on when planning and budgeting our needs.

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