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adopt a puppy in Rwanda

1. Adopt

Adopting saves lives! Giving a Rwandan rescue dog a loving home is one of the best ways you can help them to live a better life. While having a dog as a pet is a true joy, it is also a great responsibility. We want our WAG pups to find loving and responsible homes and families for the rest of their lives. If you’re interested in adopting , kindly send an email to WAG.Kigali@gmail.com to apply . You can find more information on WAG and dog ownership at the following link: Resources

** If you can’t commit to a dog yourself, please tell others to consider adopting over purchasing a dog. We have a variety of dogs of different ages, personality types and looks and are confident we can make a good match !

Wag is a volunteer run organization that relies on donations

2. Donate

WAG is a volunteer-run organization that relies greatly on the support of animal lovers around the world. Every little bit counts, and helps towards providing assistance to dogs in need.

Money - we use monetary donations to cover our day-to-day operating costs as well as vet services such as vaccinations and spays/neuters. Donations help cover cost for emergency situations as needed and to invest in the continuance of our growth. You can donate funds directly here: LINK TO DONATION PLATFORM

Supplies - There are many supplies that we simply cannot get in Rwanda for the time being. Are you or do you know someone who is traveling to Rwanda and would like to bring a donation? Are you living abroad and would like to send something to us? Dog brushes, shampoo, flea treatment and many other dog necessities are a great help, and can assist in generating revenue through the WAG shop. Contact us to learn more.

Volunteer with Wag

3. Volunteer

WAG is a volunteer organization and we are always in need of extra helping hands. Please note a commitment of at least 3 months is required. Volunteers often assist with:

Vetting potential adopters, administrative tasks, fundraising, providing emergency support to dogs in need of rescue, transporting dogs , socialisation and training.

4. Foster

WAG operates on a foster system, which means we need as many foster homes as possible to keep doing what we do. Fostering is a great way to commit to helping a dog on a temporary basis while we look for a forever home. Having a safe, secure and comfortable home is essential for new rescues and helps them to quickly adapt to their new lives. If you are interested in helping WAG by fostering, please send an email to WAG.kigali@gmail.com. Foster homes cover the cost of dog food and invest time in basic training and social kids with support from WAG.