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Gracie was found on the side of the road shaking in fear by a WAG volunteer. She had a broken piece of rope embedded in her neck, sores all over her body and had obviously been starving for a while. When approached on the day of her rescue you could see her frail body trying to fade into the wall behind her to avoid being touched. However, when her rescuer looked into her eyes, she could see her spirit was not broken and decided to take Gracie home and give her a chance.

Thinking she would need quite a bit of training and emotional support to recover, WAG placed her a special foster home. Within days Gracie was thriving! Not only was she not showing any major behavior problems mfrom trauma, she was remarkably well behaved, gentle and loved everyone she met ! She was chasing balls, cuddling on the couch , playing nicely with other dogs and even sitting on command by the end of her first week.

Ultimately Gracie’s foster mom decided she couldn't live without her and made her a permanent family member. Today she is living the life a spoiled dog and we couldnt be happier for her. Her turnaround is one of the most drastic we have seen in such a short period of time and shows the power of love and the resilience of Rwandan rescue dogs.