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George's Story

George was found on the street with a very tight rope around his neck. He was being taunted by children and was extremely malnourished and dehydrated, as well as suffering from sarcoptic mange, a condition caused by mites which was making his skin very dry and itchy. Luckily for George, he was taken in by a dog lover and kept safe overnight until WAG volunteers could come and pick him up and take him to a foster home with a WAG volunteer. Right from his rescue, George was incredibly friendly and trusting, and he won the hearts of all of the WAG team, despite being one of the most malnourished dogs we had rescued. After a check over from a vet, George was prescribed daily medication to treat the mange and the skin infections. He was put on a nutritious diet, including sardines, meat, eggs and coconut oil, to improve his weight and overall health. He also learned to enjoy his regular baths, which were vital to treat his wounds and infections. As he gained weight and his fur grew back, George’s confidence also grew. He started playing with his foster sisters and quickly learned how to sit, stay, go in his bed and play fetch!

Now, three months after he was rescued, George is fully recovered. He has started his leash training, and is proving to be a very smart young dog! George had a tough start, but with WAG’s help he will find a loving forever family where he can live a happy, comfortable life.