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What do I do if I find a dog?

If you have found a puppy (and cannot care for it), you can contact wag.kigali@gmail.com to inquire about our available space for foster dogs. If we cannot take the pup in, we can still help you find a home and can potentially take him/her in as we are able to place puppies already in our care into permanent homes.

Can I visit WAG? Where is your shelter?

WAG works on a foster system based out of the volunteers homes. We unfortunately do not have a official shelter (although it is something we are working towards). If you are interested in adopting or want more information on how you can help please contact us through our email where we can set up an appointment with the foster families or answer any questions you may have.

What breeds do you have?

All of the dogs under WAG care are rescued from the street or have been abandoned. They are often mixed or local breeds.

What is the criteria to adopt?

A short survey is sent out to all potential adopters and fosters, we ask questions to ensure the dog is going to a good home where they will be treated as a member of the family. They are required to be spayed and neutered and that if the family moves or leaves Rwanda that the dog goes with them. Following the survey we set up a meeting with a WAG volunteer and the dogs that we have in our care.

What are the costs associated with adopting?

There are no set costs for adopting from WAG, donations however are always appreciated! All donations will got towards the medical costs (including spay/neuter, vaccinations, injuries) and care for the pups.

My dog has behaviour problems, what do I do?

There are couple of options for dog training in Kigali that are able to come and help. Check out our facebook page for more resources!

I am leaving Rwanda with my pet, do you have advice?

WAG does have some information regarding importing and exporting animals, we also have veterinarian contacts who are able to assist with the paperwork and medical care needed for travel.

Where can I buy supplies?

There are a couple places throughout Kigali to purchase dog food, toys and supplies, including our own little shop. You can message us to set up an appointment to visit our shop or click on the link below for further resources. See our resources page

What do I do if I know an animal is being abused?

Animal cruelty is illegal in Rwanda, in accordance with Section 4, Article 436 of the Organic Law Penal Code. The police can be contacted to report any incidents or get further information.

How can I help?

WAG is always looking for animal lovers to help care for the wonderful animals in Rwanda. We are always looking for volunteers, fosters, donations and supplies. Send us an email if you would like to get involved: wag.kigali@gmail.com