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Our Mission

Welcome to WAG! A non-profit, volunteer run initiative dedicated to improving the lives of dogs in Rwanda. We do this primarily through the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned dogs. WAG also serves as an important resource for pet owners and promotes animal welfare.

Rwanda has a complicated history with dogs. Cruelty, fear and inhuman living conditions for our canine friends are widespread. WAG's ultimate goal is to create a world where no good natured dog goes without a loving home, and where there is zero tolerance for animal cruelty .

History and Vision

WAG is the brainchild of Canadian animal lovers Frances and Dan Klinck. After bringing dozens of stray dogs (one or two at a time) into their Kigali home and finding adopters using local media sites, the Klincks recognized both the need for something more formal and the local demand for companion animals. Through the support and efforts of other like minded dog-people and donations from the public, WAG grew into Rwanda’s only dog-focused rescue project.

Since inception in 2014, WAG is proud to have homed an average of 100 dogs per year! Using a foster care model, rescue dogs are placed in temporary homes where they receive food, love, veterinary care, and socialization. Once deemed ‘adoptable’, committed, loving and responsible owners are found. WAG has strict adoption criteria including a life long commitment and a spay and neuter requirement to help reduce the population of unwanted dogs.

When resources permit WAG provides emergency assistance to dogs in crisis (severe injuries, rescue from abusive situations etc). We also play a role in advocating for animal welfare and serve as a resource to dog owners in Rwanda. Funding is 100% donation based and there is no fee to adopt a WAG dog (although we appreciate donations from new owners!).

WAG’s long term goal is to never have to say no to a dog in need. Our current capacity enables us to host approximately 20 dogs, most of whom are under 6 months at intake. We are in the process of becoming a registered local Non Governmental Organization which will hopefully enable us in time to establish a physical dog shelter with support of the Rwandan government.

Our Pack

WAG is run by a team of dedicated volunteers, as well as a handful of local staff who support the care of our dogs.

Our current leadership team: